Car Donation Directory :: Arizona Car Donation

Car Donation in Arizona

This is a directory of charity programs in Arizona that might accept car donation.. If you are living in Arizona and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in Arizona!

Reiki and Yoga Wholistic Health Center Flagstaff, AZ
Robert T. Wilson Foundation 4 Flagstaff, AZ
Robert and Gladys Miller Foundation 4 Flagstaff, AZ
Sechrist School Parent Teacher Organization Flagstaff, AZ
Second Chance Foundation (Until June 2006) Flagstaff, AZ
Sedona Medical Center Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
Shiloh Coummunity Church of Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ
Siler Resident Management Corp Flagstaff, AZ
Skyjacks Foundation Flagstaff, AZ
Skystone Foundation Inc. 3 Flagstaff, AZ
Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities USA Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
Sociology of Education Association Flagstaff, AZ
Sonrise Christian Schools Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
Sos-Fsc International Inc. (Until December 2007) Flagstaff, AZ
Southwest Bible & Missionary Conference Flagstaff, AZ
Southwest Forest Alliance (Until December 2005) Flagstaff, AZ
Southwest Institute for Womens Healing Journeys Flagstaff, AZ
Southwest Rivers (Until September 2004) Flagstaff, AZ
Southwestern School of Missions Flagstaff, AZ
St. Marys School of Flagstaff Foundation Flagstaff, AZ
Stewardship Association Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
Strong Families Flagstaff (Until December 2007) Flagstaff, AZ
Sunnyside Neighborhood Association of Flagstaff Inc. (Until December 2004) Flagstaff, AZ
Tara Dhatu Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
Tentmaker Evangelism Action Ministires Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
Thatcher Charitable Trust Inc. 4 Flagstaff, AZ
The Arizona Charter Schools Association Flagstaff, AZ
The Bible Way Ministries International Incorporated Flagstaff, AZ
The Flagstaff Light Opera Company Flagstaff, AZ
The Indigo Movement Inc. (Until December 2004) Flagstaff, AZ
The International Journal of Humanities and Peace Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
The National Alliance for the Menta Lly Ill Flagstaff (Until December 2007) Flagstaff, AZ
The Peak School Inc. Flagstaff, AZ
The White Rose Project Ltd. (Until June 2005) Flagstaff, AZ
Theatrikos Incorporated Flagstaff, AZ
Transition Zone Horticultural Institute Inc. (Until December 2005) Flagstaff, AZ
Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ
United Christian Ministry Flagstaff, AZ
United Way of Northern Arizona Flagstaff, AZ
Unity of Flagstaff Church of Practical Christianity Flagstaff, AZ
Victim Witness Services for Coconino County Flagstaff, AZ
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ
Volunteer Associates Flagstaff, AZ
Wastewater Technology Institute Flagstaff, AZ
Weavel Inc. (Until June 2004) Flagstaff, AZ
West Street Church of Christ Flagstaff, AZ
Wheel Council Wholistic Health Education and Empowerment for Life Flagstaff, AZ
Wilderness Way Adventures Inc. (Until December 2005) Flagstaff, AZ
Willow Bend Environmental Education Center Flagstaff, AZ
Woodlands Foundation (Until December 2005) Flagstaff, AZ
Youth With A. Mission-Northern Arizona Flagstaff, AZ
Zirahuen Foundation Flagstaff, AZ
Fire Cheifs Association of Pinal County Florence, AZ
Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project Inc. Florence, AZ
Florence Preservation Foundation Florence, AZ
Florence-Coolidge Youth Football Le Ague (Until December 2004) Florence, AZ
Friends of the Florence Public Library Inc. Florence, AZ
Pinal County Historical Society Inc. 3 Florence, AZ
Social & Educational Exposure (Until December 2006) Florence, AZ
St. Anthonys Greek Orthodox Monastery Inc. Florence, AZ
Forest Lakes Volunteer Fire Dept Auxiliary Inc. Forest Lakes, AZ
Fort Apache Heritage Foundation Inc. Fort Apache, AZ
Bee Hoogan Shelter Foundation Inc. Fort Defiance, AZ
Day-At-Time Club Incorporated Fort Defiance, AZ
Ft Defiance Cooperative Preschool Fort Defiance, AZ
Fort Huachuca Community Spouses Club Fort Huachuca, AZ
Military Intelligence Corp Association Fort Huachuca, AZ
Academy of Building Industries Inc. Fort Mohave, AZ
All Paws (Until December 2004) Fort Mohave, AZ
Grace Bible Fellowship Ltd. Fort Mohave, AZ
Mohave County Sheriffs Search & Rescue Bullhead City Unit Inc. Fort Mohave, AZ
Arizona Lions Melvin Jones Memorial Association Fort Thomas, AZ
Arizona Junior Rowing Inc. (Until December 2006) Fountain Hills, AZ
Christs Church of Foundtain Hills Fountain Hills, AZ
Connection for Lifelong Learning Fountain Hills, AZ
Dunamis Ministries Inc. Fountain Hills, AZ
Fountain Hills 8 5 26 8 Inc. Fountain Hills, AZ
Fountain Hills Charter School Fountain Hills, AZ
Fountain Hills Civic Association Inc. Fountain Hills, AZ
Fountain Hills Community Church Ubc Fountain Hills, AZ
Fountain Hills Jr-Sr High School Boosters Inc. Fountain Hills, AZ
Fountain Hills Sheriffs Posse Fountain Hills, AZ
Golden Eagle Foundation Inc. Fountain Hills, AZ
Russo Foundation Nicolas Russo Jr 4 Fountain Hills, AZ
The Cattleguard Community Alliance Inc. Fountain Hills, AZ
The G. & K. Foundation Inc. 4 Fountain Hills, AZ
Adog Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
American Indian Veterans Memorial Organization Fountain Hls, AZ
Arizona Redevelopment Partnership Inc. (Until December 2007) Fountain Hls, AZ
Candesco Charitable Projects Inc. (Until November 2006) Fountain Hls, AZ
David & Goliath International Ministries Fountain Hls, AZ
Environmental Impact Assessment Group Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Extended Hands Food Bank (Until June 2008) Fountain Hls, AZ
Fhsc Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills Charter School Pto (Until December 2006) Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills Community Theater Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills Library Association Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills Noon Kiwanis Charitable Corporation Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills Rotary Foundation Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills Veterans Memorial Inc. (Until December 2007) Fountain Hls, AZ
Fountain Hills and Lower Verde River Valley Historical Society Fountain Hls, AZ
Global Helpnet Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Gospel Wings Fountain Hls, AZ
Gregory S. Davis Memorial Foundation 4 Fountain Hls, AZ
Herbert W. Robinson Foundation 4 Fountain Hls, AZ
International Institute for Vital Registration and Statistics Fountain Hls, AZ
Joy Christian Community Church Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Kazakh Network Fountain Hls, AZ
McDowell Park Association Fountain Hls, AZ
McKenzie Monks Foundation (Until December 2008) Fountain Hls, AZ
Minor Planet Research Inc. (Until December 2004) Fountain Hls, AZ
New Life Christian Fellowship Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
O. R. Rubie Foundation 4 Fountain Hls, AZ
Open My Eyes Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Fountain Hls, AZ
Paws and Tails Foundation Fountain Hls, AZ
Peace Bird Society USA Fountain Hls, AZ
Public Affairs Professionals of Arizona Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Senior Services Foundation of Fountain Hills Inc. (Until December 2007) Fountain Hls, AZ
Senior Services of Fountain Hills Az Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Sonoran Conservancy of Fountain Hills (Until December 2007) Fountain Hls, AZ
Southwest Cultures Club (Until December 2005) Fountain Hls, AZ
Spirit Education Foundation Inc. (Until December 2004) Fountain Hls, AZ
Sunridge Foundation Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
Tasha Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
The Slam Quad Rugby Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
The Sunflower Foundation Inc. Fountain Hls, AZ
William & Jacqueline Warwick Foundation Inc. 4 Fountain Hls, AZ
Fort Huachuca Community Thrift Shop Ft Huachuca, AZ
Fort Huachuca Noncommissioned Officers Enlisted and Civilian Ft Huachuca, AZ
Thunder Mountain Aquatic Club Inc. Ft Huachuca, AZ
William McDuffie Ministries Inc. Ft Huachuca, AZ
Regeneration Baptist Church Regeneration Reservation Ft Thomas, AZ
Centro Cristiano De Agua Viva Gadsden, AZ
Annie Wauneka Life Care Inc. (Until December 2004) Ganado, AZ
Bethel Navajo Baptist Church Ganado, AZ
Dine Be Iina Inc. (Until December 2006) Ganado, AZ
Friends of Hubbell Trading Post National Historical Site Inc. Ganado, AZ
Ganado Full Gospel Missions Incorporated Ganado, AZ
Greasewood Boarding School Board Ganado, AZ
Navajo Health Foundation-Sage Memorial Hospital Inc. Ganado, AZ
Toyei Industries Inc. 5 Ganado, AZ
Desert Senior Citizens of Gila Bend Inc. Gila Bend, AZ
Gila Bend Health and Emergency Medical Services Inc. 5 Gila Bend, AZ
A. B. A. Foundation Inc. Gilbert, AZ
A. Festival for Jesus (Until June 2006) Gilbert, AZ
Agape Youth Foundation (Until June 2008) Gilbert, AZ
Ajs Best Friends (Until December 2007) Gilbert, AZ
American Taekwondo Institute (Until December 2005) Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Academic Decathlon Associates Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Chess Central (Until May 2005) Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Educational Loan Marketing Corporation Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Macintosh Users Group Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum Foundation A. Memorial to A. L. Flagg Gilbert, AZ
Arizona Near Space Research (Until December 2005) Gilbert, AZ
Arizona State Music Teachers Association Gilbert, AZ
Arthur L. Bud Johnson in Memory of Elaine V Johnson Foundation 4 Gilbert, AZ
Assisi House Gilbert, AZ
Az-951 Jrotc Booster Club (Until July 2007) Gilbert, AZ
Bangladesh Theater of Arizona (Until December 2006) Gilbert, AZ
Benjamin Franklin Charter School Fpac Gilbert, AZ
Beth Haven Baptist Church Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Bohen Foundation 4 Gilbert, AZ
Bruce V Hurst Foundation 4 Gilbert, AZ
Bullpen Baseball (Until December 2006) Gilbert, AZ
Care for Life Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Challenger Basic School Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Chandler Express (Until December 2004) Gilbert, AZ
Christian Motorsports International Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Circle of Life Development Corporation (Until August 2007) Gilbert, AZ
College Solutions Inc. (Until December 2007) Gilbert, AZ
Cornerstone Christian Church of Pinal County Gilbert, AZ
Covenant Relationships Ministries International Gilbert, AZ
Creation Education Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Creative Hobbies Studio (Until December 2007) Gilbert, AZ
Crown Baptist Ministries Inc. c/o Estil and Elfrieda Phelps Gilbert, AZ
Dasn International (Until July 2005) Gilbert, AZ
Daybreak Community Church Gilbert, AZ
Desert Gateway Baptist Church Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Desert Joy Community Church of Gilbert Az Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Door of Hope Gilbert, AZ
Dynamics Booster Club Inc. Gilbert, AZ
East Valley Bible Church 1 Gilbert, AZ
East Valley Worship Center Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Eastside Sluggers Gilbert, AZ
Edu Prize Parent Teacher Organization Gilbert, AZ
Edu-Prize Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Faith Fellowship of Chandler Gilbert, AZ
Faith Foundations Church Gilbert, AZ
Family Discipleship Ministries Inc. Gilbert, AZ
Family Dynamics International Inc. (Until December 2006) Gilbert, AZ
Films for Christ Gilbert, AZ
Fleur De Lis Farms Childrens Charities (Until December 2005) Gilbert, AZ
Florida Educational Loan Marketing Corporation Gilbert, AZ
Foster Angels of Arizona Serving Together Inc. (Until December 2004) Gilbert, AZ
Fountaingate Ministries International Inc. (Until December 2004) Gilbert, AZ
Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary Gilbert, AZ
Friends of the Southeast Regional Library Gilbert, AZ
Full Gospel Ministry Charitable Trust Gilbert, AZ
Fwa Family Wellness of Arizona (Until December 2005) Gilbert, AZ