Car Donation Directory :: Arizona Car Donation

Car Donation in Arizona

This is a directory of charity programs in Arizona that might accept car donation.. If you are living in Arizona and interested in donating your car to charity, you can contact the following programs to see if they accept car donation. We hope to help you to find the best place to donate car in Arizona!

Waggoner Elementary School Pto Inc. Tempe, AZ
We Are Family International Inc. Tempe, AZ
Welsh League of Arizona Tempe, AZ
Wesley Student Foundation at Arizona State University Inc. Tempe, AZ
Williams Institute Tempe, AZ
World View Outreach Tempe, AZ
Wwjd Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Youth Arise North America (Until December 2004) Tempe, AZ
Zoroastrian Association of Northern Arizona Tempe, AZ
Arizona Flute Society Temple, AZ
Grand Canyon State Woodcarvers Inc. (Until December 2005) Temple, AZ
Open Door Society of Arizona Inc. Temple, AZ
Parents Supporting Children and Their Music Inc. Temple, AZ
Eastern Arizona College Foundation Thatcher, AZ
Graham Aids Project (Until December 2003) Thatcher, AZ
Graham County Arc Foundation Inc. Thatcher, AZ
Museum Council Shop Museum of Anthropology Thatcher, AZ
Sewing for Babies Tolleson, AZ
Tolleson Education Foundation Tolleson, AZ
Tolleson FFA Alumni Booster Scholarship Fund Inc. Tolleson, AZ
Tolleson Wolverine Kick-Off Club (Until June 2005) Tolleson, AZ
Valle Del Sol Junior Golf Inc. Tolleson, AZ
Wolverine Foundation Tolleson, AZ
Rock of Living Waters Ministries Toltec, AZ
Arizona Western Heritage Foundation (Until December 2004) Tombstone, AZ
Friends of the Tombstone Reading Station Tombstone, AZ
Hells Belles Inc. Tombstone, AZ
Schieffelin Hall International Players S. H. I. P. (Until December 2007) Tombstone, AZ
St. Pauls Episcopal Church of Tombstone Tombstone, AZ
The Tombstone Vigilantes Inc. Tombstone, AZ
Tombstone Repertory Company Inc. (Until June 2004) Tombstone, AZ
Tombstone Restoration Commission Tombstone, AZ
Tombstone Senior Citizens Inc. (Until May 2005) Tombstone, AZ
Tombstone Small Animal Shelter Inc. Tombstone, AZ
Zamani Refuge Tombstone, AZ
Tonalea Veterans Memorial Park Inc. Tonalea, AZ
Wolf Creek Community Committee Inc. Tonalea, AZ
Cry in the Wilderness Tonopah, AZ
Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sancturay Tonopah, AZ
Fairhaven Community Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Tonopah, AZ
Harquahala Valley Community Benefits Foundation (Until December 2006) Tonopah, AZ
John Edmonds Ministries Inc. (Until December 2003) Tonopah, AZ
New Dawn Livestock Rescue & Sanctuary (Until December 2006) Tonopah, AZ
Tonopah Valley Community Council Inc. Tonopah, AZ
Friends of the Libary Tonto Basin Community School Library Tonto Basin, AZ
Pumpkin Center Charities Inc. Tonto Basin, AZ
Tonto Basin Fire District Auxilliary Tonto Basin, AZ
Tonto Basin Public Library Tonto Basin, AZ
Helpline Ministries Inc. Topock, AZ
International Alliance of Atomic Veterans Topock, AZ
Volunteers of the Golden Shores Senior Nutrition Program Topock, AZ
Dine College Tsaile, AZ
Assist to Independence 4 Tuba City, AZ
Dine Bii Association for Disabled Citizens Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Dinnebito Full Gospel Church Tuba City, AZ
First Navajo Baptist Church Tuba City, AZ
Itaatunatya Organization (Until December 2006) Tuba City, AZ
Moenkopi Developers Corporation Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Tuba City Boarding School Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Tuba City Cultural Projects Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Tuba City Humane Society Incorporated Tuba City, AZ
Tuba City Munquapi Family Wellness Center Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Tuba City for Family Harmony Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Western Navajo Juvenile Services Coordinating Council Inc. Tuba City, AZ
Friends of Santa Cruz River Tubac, AZ
Santa Cruz Valley Art Association Inc. Tubac, AZ
Santa Cruz Valley Opportunities in Education Inc. Tubac, AZ
Stanns Park Committee Inc. Tubac, AZ
Tubac Community Center Foundation Inc. Tubac, AZ
Tubac Health Care Foundation Tubac, AZ
Tubac Historical Society Tubac, AZ
Microcirculatory Society Inc. Tucscon, AZ
Calcio Inc. Tucsin, AZ
Tully-Miller Family Foundation 4 Tucson Arizona, AZ
39th Fighter Squadron Association 6 Tucson, AZ
88-Crime Inc. Tucson, AZ
98th Ars Veterans Association 6 Tucson, AZ
A. B. C. Gospel Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
A. C. Simon Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
A. Mountain Community Incorporated Tucson, AZ
A. Mountain Neighborhood Center Operations Committee Tucson, AZ
A. Place Apart Tucson, AZ
A. Touch of Class Tucson, AZ
AA Keith Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Abbey J. Grunewald Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Abundant Heart Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Academic Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Academy Services Corporation Tucson, AZ
Academy for Cancer Wellness Tucson, AZ
Academy of Math & Science Inc. Tucson, AZ
Academy of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Actor Inc. A. Nonprofit Corporation Tucson, AZ
Acts 2-38 Inc. Tucson, AZ
Admininstration of Resources & Choices Tucson, AZ
Administrative Advocates Tucson, AZ
Adult Loss of Hearing Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Agua Caliente Elementary School - Ptg Tucson, AZ
Agua Prieta Family Shelters Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Ahura Mazd S. R. C. Tucson, AZ
Air and Waste Management Association Grand Canyon Section Tucson, AZ
Alano Club Tucson, AZ
Albert H. Cohn Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Alex and Helen Alice Marshall Memorial Trust Fund 4 Tucson, AZ
Alice R. Barbaris Charitable Trust Tucson, AZ
Alliance Francaise of Tucson 4 Tucson, AZ
Alliance for Children Everywhere Tucson, AZ
Alma Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Alpha Air Inc. Tucson, AZ
Alpha Delta Delta 5 Tucson, AZ
Alternative Schools Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Alternatives in Housing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Alzheimers Prevention Foundation International Tucson, AZ
Amanecer Tucson, AZ
Amazon Mission Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Ambassador Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
American Airlines Southwestern Reservation Office Loving (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
American Association of Teachers of Slavic & East European Languages Tucson, AZ
American Baseball Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
American Catholic Faith Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Friends of Bayit Chadash Inc. (Until October 2007) Tucson, AZ
American Goodwill Mission to China Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Indian Assoc of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Kenaf Society Tucson, AZ
American Literacy Foundation Tucson, AZ
American Rock Art Research Association Tucson, AZ
American Veteran Pride Tucson, AZ
Americans Support Their Troops (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Ameritribes Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Amigos Del Mar De Cortez Inc. (Until June 2004) Tucson, AZ
Amistad Y. Salud (Until June 2006) Tucson, AZ
Amity Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Amity Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Amphitheater High School Band Parents Association Tucson, AZ
Amphitheater Public Schools Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Amputee Mentors of Arizona (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Andrews Family Inc. Tucson, AZ
Angel Charity for Children Inc. Tucson, AZ
Anglican Saint Thomas More Guild Tucson, AZ
Animal Rescue Foundation (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Animals Crusaders of Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Anna Holmes Balancing Program Inc. Tucson, AZ
Answer to the Crisis Foundation (Until June 2006) Tucson, AZ
Anthony and Joan Vuturo Family Private Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Anza Trail Coalition of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Apostolic Truth Church Tucson, AZ
Approaches to Education Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Aprender Tucson (Until December 2004) Tucson, AZ
Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arcadian Arts Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arimborgo Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona 4-H. Youth Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Aerospace Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association for Family and Consumer Sciences Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association of Athletes Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (Until July 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association of Consumer and Family Science Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association of the Deaf- Blind of Tucson Inc. (Until March 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Border Rights Foundation (Until August 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Capital Representation Project Tucson, AZ
Arizona Christian Theatre Studio Tucson, AZ
Arizona Church of Christ Bible Camp Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Citizens for Traffic Safety Acts Tucson, AZ
Arizona Community Development Corporation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Conference of Police & Sheriffs Local 7077 Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Conservation Voters Habitat Fund Tucson, AZ
Arizona Consortium for Education and Training 5 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Council for Casa Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Cycling Racing Team Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Cytology Association-Aca Tucson, AZ
Arizona Daily Star Sportsmens Fund Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Desert Dolphins Tucson, AZ
Arizona Early Music Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Educational Office Personnel Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Elks Major Projects Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Families for Children Tucson, AZ
Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Friends of Chamber Music Tucson, AZ
Arizona Friends of Tibet Tucson, AZ
Arizona Fun in Filmmaking Education & Community Training (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Geological Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Gold Swim Team (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Greyhound & Animal Rescue Fund Tucson, AZ
Arizona Health Information Network Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Arizona Hispanic School Adminstrators Association (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Historical Society 1 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Housing and Prevention Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Integrated Residential and Educational Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona International Campus Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Jazz Boosters (Until July 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Law Review Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Law Review Association 02-01-97 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Leadership Institute Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Arizona League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (Until December 2004) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Medical Association Alliance Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Medieval Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Mexico Border Health Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Music Educators Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Narcotic Officers Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Native Plant Society Tucson, AZ